Action plan of a freshman


Hi everyone !

I’m Khanh from Vietnam. First of all, I want to say hello to all members of Aversity family.

After one month research about affiliate world and more than 1 week in Aversity with clickbank mastery. I want to grab an action plan, hope you guy give me some advice or just simple a encouragement in this world

My action plan is:

  • Firstly is choose a good niche. I dont’ have experience in any popular niche in clickbank so I cho I chose Health fitness. And I will promote Red Tea Detox and Organifi (one information product and one physical product)

  • Second, I will create one or 2 niche blog for those products. As I research many new bies like to create lander and drive traffic to see quick result. However without a good blog and has a lander only, It may encounter problem with google ad, facebook ad .,etc

  • Third, create a lead magnet, opt in page and presell page embed to niche blog

  • Then annoy Sean for reviewing, drive traffic, test, adjust change, annoy Sean ^!^ again until make it work haha … (1 on 1 coaching that’s so awesome that make me buy course without any more thinking in this lonely world)

I will complete first 3 parts before 5th, November. I write down here to make sure I will try to complete it in time

Thank all you guys, hope everyone achieve your success !


Any update to share?