Affiliate Marketing On Facebook



Is Affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook??
I have been personally attacked by Facebook in the last 3 months and it has gotten worse. yes I work with landing pages. What makes it worse I see other people promoting the same Maxbounty offers. First FB said my post is spam, then I appealed and after the appeal they reinstated my post. I purchased a domain for $130 and soon as I did Facebook blocked my domain URL within a week and rendered all my posts as spam and removed them. I build a website and I’ve been growing my group and realize today they removed all my posts from MY group cause they said it’s spam and they blocked the URL from my new website too. What makes it worse is that I see other people promoting the same maxbounty offers in different groups and nothing happens to them. I checked out their post and I can’t find out what they are doing right since facebook doesn’t remove their post or block their URL. I would love your take on this one @seanbagheri


You shouldn’t post affiliate links directly on FB, it won’t work. send them to a blog post or a video page on your site first.

sites like maxbounty use dummy URLs like so their main URL won’t get blocked.


The tips which I can provide for affiliate marketing on Facebook are as:-

  • Post an affiliate link directly on your personal feed.
  • Encourage your friends and family to share your link.
  • Post an affiliate link on a page you’ve created for deals.
  • Post an affiliate link in Facebook groups you’re a part of.
  • Seek out new groups where you can share your link.
  • Post testimonials with a link on non-branded pages.
  • Share image galleries of your favorite recommended products.
  • Create and post video reviews of your product with a link in the description.
  • Target your followers exclusively with premium offers.
  • Run ads that directly result in an email sign-up.