Aversity Partner Payouts!


Hi everyone, today we sent the first set of payouts to partners who’ve made commissions using Aversity Partners program. I just wanted to remind everyone that you must enter your PayPal email in your account settings if you’d like to get paid!

Also if you don’t have a PayPal account or for some reason can’t create a PayPal account, you need to contact our partner manager to see what type of alternatives we can find for you. Here’s Glenn’s email, our partner manager: affiliates@aversity.com



btw if you don’t know how to enter your payout information, this 30 seconds video will show you how:


thanks, I got my first pay from Aversity today, what a great feeling!


do you have any other payment method?
bank transfer, check, payoneer…as


We adding Payoneer soon but at this moment the only payout option is Paypal.


That is awesome! sent you a pm


Is payoneer active?


When will the other payments become active? I live in turkey. PayPal is not available here. Thank you.


We were planning on Payoneer but that’s delayed for now.


I’il be waiting impatiently. Thanks.