Banned by Google Adwords and Facebook Ads What Do I Do Now?


My first day trying to affiliate market after figuring out the funnel system and setting the autoresponder and email campaign up. I was pumped and ready to get emails and sales.

Well… I signed up to google adwords and was told by a youtuber to google a adwords coupon. I found one for $100 ad credit. So I did what any normal advertiser would do and applied it immediately.

Within hours of me getting my campaign set up just the right way with the keywords just right, ad text just right and creating a youtube video with the promotional affiliate videos I was offered on Clickbank.


Google messaged me saying suspicious payment activity. All I had done was make a new account with my legal information, added the coupon which was valid (offered through google adwords themselves) and put my chase debit card information in.

I emailed them countless times and i’m still banned. Someone told me I shouldn’t have added the coupon so soon cause it raises flags. Thats the only thing it could be cause I had a chase debit visa with more than enough to cover my funding and any authorization charges.



I was also banned from facebook for direct linking and using a domain redirect because i’m a amateur and didn’t know better. Same thing with Facebook to no avail i’m banned…

They are really strict on newbies that dont know the business well and I dont fully think thats fair. I read the terms and conditions of both didnt think I was violating anything though.

I’ve used other sources but no success in sales only opt ins and no one verified the double opt in :frowning:

Does anyone know a way around this possibly?



Have you tried creating another account on FB or Google? Might work

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Yes I created another facebook account but after I do everything setting it up and I go to confirm and pay with all my information I get banned.

I send the traffic the method Sean taught to the youtube channel, for retargeting purposes, I even did directly to my landing page on facebook and stiil got banned. I i didnt make any claims on my landing page and read all their terms of service.



You should submit a different credit card number for your new facebook and google ad accounts.

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