Best YouTube SEO Course?

Hey Guys,

I’m just getting started with Video SEO. I want to learn how to rank my videos in BOTH Google and YouTube. I do product review videos for Launch Jacking so I need to learn how to rank videos FAST.

Please recommend me a good YouTube SEO Course.


First check out Brian Dean’s YouTube videos about SEO and ranking on YouTube.
He’s done it VERY WELL in a short amount of time. f
Hope you find that useful.


To do the youtube SEO you need to do some initial steps:

Keyword Research: This is the first step towards SEO. to research keywords you can go to google keyword planner and search for the topic you are making video and choose some low competition keywords.

Research Competition: after finding the keywords you need to find the toughness of each keyword. To do that use tubeddy extension and search the keyword in it and select only those keywords having scored above 60.

Optimizing video: Now add those selected keywords all in tags and 3 keywords in the title and those 3 keywords in the title should also appear in the description of the video.

You can do Youtube Seo Courses-

  1. Simplilearn
  2. Udemy
  3. Asclique
  4. Topzenith

I have also learnt YouTube SEO from Brian Dean post. You can easily learn step by step from this post