Bing PPC - Adjusting Keyword Bids, More Conversions?

Hi to Sean and everyone here!

So, Bing has suggested some kind of automated method that claims it can get me more conversions? Should I apply this or not? Is it worth it? Also, I didn’t catch Sean talking about adjusting keyword bids, I was really interested and wondering if I could get more conversions by doing this somehow? What should I do exactly? What is the approach here? Is it the keywords that are converting and getting the most clicks, I should raise the bids on them? That seems to be what Bing wants, but I’m unsure of particularly what to do, some help would be highly appreciated! I am very happy to say I got my first actual sale the other day after about a week or less of PPC of $10/day. Of course I want more sales using Bing PPC, can’t wait to hear feedback from Sean maybe or you guys about keyword bids. Really want to optimize everything to its full potential. Thanks so much!

P.S. I tried to run Facebook ads, but I am promoting a money-making course with affiliate marketing and it doesn’t seem to like my site at all, I tried various ways to change things, didn’t let me make the ad, so that’s a bummer, but I like Bing so far. Wish I could’ve implemented Sean’s Facebook strategies and techniques, maybe on the next product, I don’t know.

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Wouldn’t let me add a second image, but here is what Bing is suggesting to me…

I would try it, but make sure you keep an eye on it and see how it performs.

Thank you Sean, much appreciated. Do you ever adjust your keyword bids higher personally on keywords that are performing well? Converting keywords? So that the positioning is higher? Thanks again.

I usually don’t touch them too early, you just have to wait until you get enough data. Sometimes increasing the bid on a well performing keyword will mess it up.

Thank you very much Sean, highly appreciated!

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