CB Masters Academy - My first Clickbank Product


Hi, I recently purchased CB Masters Academy, and I’m in the process of picking my first Clickbank product to promote. A product I’m considering is called the Power Quadrant System.

Average $/Sale: 196.35 Gravity: 48.07 Initial /Sale: $11.03
Average rebill total: $186.19
Link to affiliate page
Link to sales page

The reasons I think I like it are:
-It has a high average $/sale so I think I can run paid traffic
-The sales page looks very high quality

The reasons I’m unsure about it are:
-Not sure the gravity is high enough for my first product
-Not sure about the quality of the affiliate tools
-When I looked up the site on similarweb, it does not appear that any traffic is coming from youtube, which I would like to focus on

For my first Clickbank product, I just want to pick a product that gives me a good chance at getting a result, so please let me know if you think this is a good product for me to start with.

I have some experience with affiliate marketing in the past, but not with ClickBank.

Thanks @seanbagheri!