CB Passive Income 4.0 Review - Here's What Happened When I Joined


Hey everyone, I’m going to share my experience with CB Passive Income 4.0 on this topic, also let me know if you’ve been a member too! I joined this program about a year ago and been using it for a while, so here’s what I think about it.

I also notice Sean had a review here promoting this system (not sure if he’s still doing it) so it seems like there’s a bit of buzz around this program. I’m also leaving a link for anyone who wants to see it (It’s Sean’s review, trying to not get banned :unamused: ). I’m just starting a conversation about this program to see what everyone else things.

What I don’t like about CB Passive Income 4.0
my biggest problem with the system is the lack of training. Sure they have some basics but it truly lacks content. It feels like you’re paying for the system, not the training (which I’ll discuss in a minute)

Also it seems like they’re mostly trying to get you to promote their product which I find a bit disappointing. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that picture, but if you feel a bit empty by seeing the lack of training, you’ll feel even worst after following the direction of it.

The system itself is a bit questionable, since their whole selling point is that there’s a “done for you system”, it’s not so much done for you after all. Also they don’t have any good funnels in place so things can get a bit hairy.

What I like about CB Passive Income
First one is that it’s a first “system” program on Clickbank. By that I mean it’s not just about training, it also provides commission tools and a lot more stuff that you can use in your business which is nice.

So what do you think? does anyone here has experience with CB Passive Income 4.0? :thinking:


also here’s Sean review video:

just a side note, he was giving away a bonus, which is kinda cool, I want to do the same for every product I promote!

full page: https://topsean.lpages.co/doneforyousystem/


thanks for taking the time to write this. I was a CB Passive Income member (haven’t logged in for a while). I think the system needed some work but it was ok and functional.

Regarding to training, you have a good point. It’s not the best, but it’s decent and will help you get started.


Hi Ryan I am thinking of joining, was given your link by Danniel (Aversity) and says you are doing quite well…your comments/opinion would be appreciated. Colin, Australia


Hey Colin, I don’t recommend CB Passive Income. If you’re looking for good training, Sean’s inner circle or DFYOB programs are the best, they worth every penny.


Hi again, thanks for your reply. I wasn’t sure if the forum thing worked.

I guess I am trying to gauge the success (or otherwise) of what you have embarked on with Aversity. As an older newbie I struggle a bit and am in many minds about what is actually working out there. I did the Profit Engine 8 week course a few months ago (cost to me $3900 AUD, so a big outlay) where Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones spill-all on what worked for them to make their millions. They provided video instruction and webinars every week focused on the weight loss niche using those illustration style FB ads and quiz landing pages for the Fat Decimator on CB. Learned heaps, but had ad accounts shutdown (par for the course with FB apparently) and still trying to make all that work for me. “Some”students are making $1,000 + a day, so we are lead to believe. It was very good, simple, and you don’t need a website. I just wonder though if they got really lucky because it seems things that worked then may have moved on. But I really don’t know.

Anyway just wondering, I would really appreciate hearing a little about why you chose this and how it’s going for you?


Colin Jordan. Australia


Here’s what I think based on what you said here. That’s not a reliable business model if your ad account was shut down after following their instruction, so that’s my take on that.

There are a couple of things on Aversity that I really like (beside the fact that I’m making money) which I think are very unique.

First one is the ecosystem in place. For example, in one of the programs I’m a part of (the DFYOB), we have an option to send our customers to Aversity. With the setup they have in place, my easy $9 sale becomes a $800 commission (it’s not always the case, but it’s happening to me a lot more than before)

The idea is that they convert my front sales to back end sales without my involvement and they pay me these commissions which I think is very nice. I like the hands off business model.

Another thing i really like is Sean’s teaching method. He actually demonstrate things instead of just teaching them, which I haven’t seen in any courses I’ve ever owned before. I think that’s one of the reasons people prefer Aversity.

There are some other nice things like the coaching (which I think is a very cool addition) and video updates to keep everything up to date with latest trends.

Some other things that I like are high ticket commissions and platinum perks like you can access to any course you want without having to ever pay for it, and Sean actually makes a new course almost every month.

One more thing which I believe deserves a mention is this new program called the Inner Circle which basically teach you how to build a business exactly like Sean which is kind of crazy, I think you can fly with it as high as you want and that’s my plan!

Hope this helped


Yes good to hear your comments, that means a lot when I am about to embark on this. I have spoken to a coach just 2 days ago and he just gave me a heads up without going into too much detail. I was wondering how long it has taken you to start making $4k a month, (I think that is what I read?) and have you settled on a strategy that works or still trying different ones?
From the outside looking in I am not sure exactly what questions to ask … just trying to get a feel for your progress really.
Appreciate your feedback


For me it took a while, I think almost 2 months but i wasn’t really putting the time. I’m focusing on Youtube ads at the moment


I think 2 months is pretty good!..is the income going up?, or the same? I hope not backwards.


It’s going up but I’m not focusing on it 100% at the moment, but yes, it’s growing, slowly


Witch product u sell for $9 I cant find them.


I’m a platinum member so I got the licensing to Aversity products.