CB Product Promotion Questions

Hey Hi Sean or Aversity team member I am also new to affiliate marketing but I am in your CB course you said that we could ask you questions here so I will ask them. I chose the following products to promote and I want to know your opinion about them as they are different fro the ones that you recommended in the PDF, a few match your PDF but some don’t.



  • The 100K Shout out
  • Salehoo
  • Get Paid to test apps


  • Halki Diabetes

Please let me know what you think

Thank you!


I personally haven’t heard of these but if they have a good offer, sales page and etc… you should promote them.

dude, just sell your own products or promote Aversity products for high ticket sales, CB is a waste of time IMO

Well that’s kind of self deprecating the entire CB Master Academy training system offered here.

You’re saying to promote Aversity products because CB is a waste of time, and one of their products is the CB Master Academy.

If I had just paid for and joined the CB Master Academy and read that reply I would be fairly disheartened. Oh wait … I just did exactly that.


by that I meant promoting CB products. I own CB Masters Academy too. You can just use the strategy for other products, such as Aversity product. The reason I said CB is a waste of time is because why would anyone want to promote their product to make small commissions while you can earn big ones on Aversity and some other platform. It’s a better business model.