Commission is one time or lifetime?


hello every one
i am abdinasir (infosec analayst, penetration tester and project manager)
now months i have spent my time to know more about affiliate marketing.

i got aversity partner program

i bleive its the best place that i can get the commission and aducation.

but if someone purchase goldmaster class through my link, i will get $150 commission.

that commission will be one time or monthly or lifetime??

please clear me my question about commission?

thanks alot waiting for good explanation to get good undrestanding…


One of time and life time commissions are two very different things. You’ll get paid once if the product you sold is a one time payment.


so if somone sold gold master class through my link i will get $150 first time only?

how can i get a lifetime commission?


Abdi, where did you get this term “lifetime commission”? It sounds like a company will pay you forever, which will never happen, especially for selling a one-time product.

If you want commissions that pay every month, you need to sell a product that the buyer pays for every month.

Your payment will always be a percentage of the buyer’s payment. So if they pay only once, there is no way you get paid for a “lifetime”.

Maybe you are confusing the idea of tracking cookies with commissions? The tracking cookie will associate the buyer with your affiliate account for a lifetime. But, of course, you should read the policy and terms/conditions yourself. Do not take my word for it.