Drive Solo ads traffic to presale page


Hi is it recommended to drive traffic from solo ads directly to our landing page that we created in module 4 Gold masterclass? Or must it only be directed to opt in landing page only?


hi, siauwjieming. I am starting to use solo ads myself. I tried both, sending from solo provider direct to the offer page, and then from a different solo provider this time to an email optin first.

Because most people do not buy anything on the first try, I believe it is more efficient (and smart) to always collect emails.

If you pay $100 bucks for solo direct to LP, and nobody buys, you just threw away $100 bucks.

However if you can email those people over the next 1-3 months, your chance of getting at least one sale can earn you enough to recover your cost.

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your lead many times. Remember, the more a stranger gets to know, like and trust you, this increases your chance of earning the sale.

I am using solo ads and email autoresponders for now and plan to keep it this way for my tripwire offers; will keep it like this until I have about 1,000 emails and collect enough data regarding conversion points at different stages of my funnel.

This is fun and a worthwhile experience. Wish you great $ucce$$!

P.S. Oh, by the way, I am also doing email marketing without the LP in the initial touch. It looks like this and am actually preparing to send more solo ad traffic to this version. I am always testing.

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