Facebook ads landing page


Hi Sean, I have a question about Facebook ads landing page. What if I put a meta tag into the header of my landing page that redirects my leads to the affiliate offer? I’ll make my landing page fully Facebook compliant but no one will see it. Would I still get flagged by Facebook? Would I be able to bypass Facebook‘s direct linking limitations this way? Thanks


No that’s not possible, they usually detect redirect scripts. Two things:

#1: It’s not that hard to create a FB friendly landing page, try doing that before testing black hat methods.

#2: I’ve heard some people do this and get away with it but with a twist (Try this at your own risk!): Create a FB friendly page, advertise it on FB and wait for them to approve it. After a day or two, add your redirect script to the header to send people directly to affiliate link. Again, this is super risky so make sure to use a dummy account if you want to try it.


Thank you Sean, I’m not going to risk my the only pretty Facebook ad account and stick to my quiz landing page.