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Hi everyone, we’re working on a set of big updates for Aversity and you should be able to see them by June 4th. These updates are ranging from new courses, partner program funnels and small changes to dashboard to new free programs for our members, done for you funnels and more…

I would like to know what you want to see? Is there something missing in Aversity that you’d like us to add?

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Hi Sean, I was wondering if you could make a follow up video showing your success with mydogcentral. Maybe what marketing strategy you have used, what worked, what failed, traffic analysis, maybe even cost etc. This really not to bash you, just to kind of have an idea what to expect.

Second topic. Can you maybe use Thrives and dive bit into it’s functionality, building landing pages, using a/b testing, building funnels etc.

Thank you!

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sure, I’ll post some videos about these in the coaching section!

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I would like to see more updates entry or basic courses for beginners in the courses section. Some of programs available here are too advanced for average people.



i would love to get a mentor i love online marketing but i know nothing about it



You should start with one of our courses. It comes with direct support and coaching. i recommend Gold Masterclass.



gold masterclass is a good course to buy. I recommend it 100%!



WooHoo! Just bought “Top Level Affiliate” to check it out.

Just bought another udimi solo and setup my link tracking and email sequence for it. After a quick snack, I’m going to stay up late watching the course.

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