Gold Masterclass 2.0

Hi everyone, recently I posted a question our Facebook group regarding the new Gold Masterclass to ask your opinion on paid traffic sources we should focus on in the Gold Masterclass 2.0. Let me know what traffic sources you’d like to learn about more in the new Gold Masterclass! Also, watch the video below to learn more about the new Gold Masterclass!

There seems to be allot of hype about facebook and YouTube right now.

that’s right but in my experience, YouTube ads and instagram video ads are very effective if done right.


I am not member of previews Gold Masterclass course.If I buy Gold Masterclass 2.0, will I able to enter free to the previews Gold Masterclass course or I have to pay for that as well?

I am not tied to a particular traffic source, but would be interested in your thoughts or guidance on which traffic source(s) would best with the new strategy and your thoughts on how difficult each traffic source would be to implement.

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So it’s coming out any day now?

Yes, we had to make some last minute changes because we’re changing a lot inside Aversity members area, but it’ll come out by the end of this month.

Cool, looking forward to it.

Hey @seanbagheri y update on this. Im excited about it!