Gold Masters vs Inner Circle vs CB Masters Academy? Which Course That Actually Works?


Hi fellow entrepreneurs!
I am very excited to start learning and building my online business. I already have an e-commerce store powered by Shopify and have a basic knowledge of marketing.
I would like to start one of the three programs but I struggle to differentiate them, especially that there is such a big price difference between CB Masters Academy and The Inner Circle

I am a shit content writer and don’t really want to show my face on YouTube.
Sean, what would be the best option for me to proceed with. What program has the most likelihood of bringing large income if you put time and effort in?

What course would you recommend for a newbie who needs holding his hand along the way?

Thank you for your input in advance,

Happy marketing!



I strongly recommend the Inner Circle program. It’s much more hands off and more advanced for building a long time profitable business.


inner circle is the way to go if you can do it.


I would like to know the inner circle is whose course?

thank you


I’m curious… with Inner Circle Mastermind, after getting everything all setup, what kinda extra money / budget is needed to succeed with this course in the beginning? ie, advertising, content outsourcing, hosting, domains, autoresponder, etc.??? I am purchasing this course soon and i like what i’ve read about it so far with the coaching and hands off business approach.


You can get everything going with about $400