Help needed [ a desperate plea for assistant]


Hello everyone, I have been doing this online stuff for a while now and it just seems like I cannot get it to work and it is really depressing to me. I have spent lots of money over the years and am almost reaching the end of the line.
So am just putting this out here, anyone who is touched to assist me to figure out what I am missing and willing to help me get my first success with online marketing, I would be eternally grateful. I believe it works I just have not figured it out yet.
Be a part of my story, help me attain my dreams
Thanks in advance!!!
ps: I am an adversity gold member.



You need to be more specific! Share your sites and links so people can give you feedback



i think you missed something, you can make more money easily in aversity so never give up…

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thanks for the reply
here is the pre-sale content i am using:
the landing page i am sending traffic to is this:
I am using bing ads but i think most of the problems lie there