Help with my 1st affiliate marketing review site


Hi Sean/Any other member,

Can you please help to review my 1st website ?

I’m primarily concerned with how the Youtube videos are perceived? (the main header video) on front page/home page and the 2nd video right below the header video that shows screen recording of what’s inside the self development course I’m promoting.

If you can provide me with feedback on these two videos, any thing I need to change or add or take out, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks!




Hi Elaine,
Your website looks good, but it’s not 100% mobile responsive. I don’t know how to optimize it with Divi, but I’m sure there are some tutorials on Youtube.
Videos are very informative and to the point. I liked both of them. Well done!
Your affiliate link on the top goes to a video sales page that doesn’t reveal the buy now button until the end of the video, which is annoying. The link at the bottom is much better. I think you should check it.


ask yourself, why your audience want to sign up membership with you? whats the hook?


Hi Gurerg,

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I will look into optimizing it for mobile users. The link on the top when one clicks on Step 1 Purchase actually goes to the same sales video as the link on the bottom-step 1 purchase Button. Unfortunately that’s the affiliate link for the sales video for manifestation miracle so I won’t be able to direct users to another affiliate link that goes to another sales video . Curious what course are you taking and what product are you promoting?


Hi John

Thanks for your feedback. I hope my 4 Bonuses will be valuable enough to influence peeps to sign up with me versus someone else!



Must say 44mins is a long sales video. (Didnt watch fully because dislike vids with no user controls ie FForward button missing and so located the video on YT to see the duration length of 44mins)

Found the font on the landing page small and therefore difficult to read. Same with the blogposts

Good topic to promote though and am certain you’ll get affiliate sales soon!



Thanks for your feedback. i agree the sales video is quite long and they should condense that to no more than 10 minutes… I will increase font on landing page and blogposts.

Thanks again!




Sadly, not much you can do as not your sales page however your video (assume the Wista is yours) does a good summary of what getting and to expect.

Your bonuses should be enticing enough to ignore length of sales page video me thinks!


Hi Zappy,

Do you mind me asking what class you are taking and how are you are progressing with the class ? What is your affiliate offer and are you finding any success with the offer ?