How can increase my ad impression?

I have added 153 keywords like “start an online business” on my youtube ad, which is good on monthly searches. I target U.S, Canada and U.K . i have gained 144 impression and one view over the day. I put CPV= $0.15. How can i increase my ad impression on adwords?

You need to target less keywords, focus your ads on specific keywords for more impressions

Maybe you should use 2 to 3 ad blocks…
For a change you can place at-least 2 ads within the post content…Sounds weird? Trust me it helps!
Try a scrolling ad block…
Use both text and image based ads.
Hope this helps!!!

  1. Use keywords that are related to your ad copies
  2. Use images
  3. Give perfect headline and description to your ads…etc
  • Increase your compaign budget
  • Increase your bid
  • Decrease regional targets
  • Re-adjust your budget

Add irrelevant terms as negative keywords so that they do not eat away the impression share of keywords that are relevant for your business.

If you realize that there are specific day(s) or hour(s) when you business is at peak, then you can optimize your ads to show more often with the help of Ad Scheduling. This increases your impressions as your ad is triggered more often during the time when more searches take place.

For keywords that are losing out on impressions due to low ad rank (Search Lost IS – ad rank) or ad position, try to improve the keyword and ad messaging relevancy and see if that optimizes the Quality Score.

You can focus these points –

  1. Ad qualiity
  2. Accelerate Ad Delivery
  3. Increasing Bid
  4. Keyword Match Type Adjustment
  5. Location Targeting