How Much Do You Guys/Gals Spend On Ads Daily?


Hi all, I have gone up to the module 9 in the Inner Circle Masterclass course and I have started realising that you’ve got to spend quite a bit on ads if you want to get any tracktion. I make about $3000 a month as a maintanance engineer in the UK, and if I spend $100 a day on ads - that’s my salary gone. What would be the best most effective way to get the most of say $20-30 a day? I have set up YouTube ads with £10 a day and Bing Ads with £15 a day for now to see if I am going to get at least some return on investment. How much can you guys/ladies afford to spend on ads daily?

How about you Sean, how much did you spend when you were just starting out?

Happy marketing to everyone!


At this moment I’m about 50 to $150 depending on the day. I was spending about 5 to 10 in the beginnings. I think it’s important to do it small for a while to learn and get more data. Don’t rush!


I will spend 100 - 200 in a day, before this i use to spend 50 - 100 only…