How to Improve Page Loading Time on WordPress Websites?

I need an suggestion to improve Website Speed

Use Cloudflare. If you want to get fancy, you can get a VPS or dedicated hosting and even use a CDN to increase file loadtime on your page.

Disable plugins you don’t really need and use W3 Total Cache to cache your site better. You could do some caching on Cloudflare too.

  1. Choose the Best WordPress Hosting
  2. Delete unused WordPress Plugins
  3. Reduce HTTP Requests
  4. Optimize Your Images
  5. Advertisements are a great revenue stream for many a website, but they too can impact negatively on your page load time.
  6. Take Advantage of Caching and Content Delivery Networks
  7. Style sheets at the Top and Scripts at the Bottom
  8. Limit Your External Scripts
  9. Use Well-Coded & Managed WordPress Themes

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  1. Minify your code
  2. Less CSS files
  3. Optimize your content and website
  4. Reduce server response time
  5. Optimize images
  6. less use of wordpress plugins
  7. Clear all cache files

Use W3 Super Cache plugin and buy a VPS hosting