How to promote products on Facebook


How can I promote Aversity products on Facebook and is there any presell page for partners program to promote on facebook


we don’t have presell pages for partners program but we’re planning to add a couple of them soon. There are a couple of presell pages for Gold Masterclass.


Which presell page of Gold masterclass can I promote on facebook


Can you make coaching video on bing ads & Facebook ads


We do have videos inside Gold Masterclass about Bing and Facebook ads.

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The technique is simple for the promotion of product on Facebook but it is a time-consuming technique if you think in a day all of your product should be should be sold then is a little bit impossible. As for the promotion you have to post the promotional content on regular basis then only you can able to influence your audience for your product. You can also take the help of a paid advertisement for the promotion of your product.


for FB update is great. is this a REAL update? I mean as of 2019 ? :biking_man::biking_man:



Planning to add more videos this month but even without power editor FB ads are still the same.


hi all:

I studied the whole day and hopefully these update will help others :woman_student:

I am learning verbiterm FB modules
AWEBER / changed a lot since 2016

  1. :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:There is NO thank you page in both edit section.
    How am i going to add thank you page ?

Aweber: Signup form— basic setting
Leadpages— Edit Popup-- Edit Form— Step3 “Actions” –
:'eyes::eyes:Make sure CORRESPONDING Aweber sign up form is SELECTED from the list.

  1. :eyes:clickbank HOPLINK has NO ? tid=xxxx , may I still ADD
    from HOPlink
    to HOPLINK***/?tid=***
    as of March 2019 :accept::accept:

So we still can use TID

3.:woman_student: For update FB module2 , Golf-Direct , banned 3rd party HTML script now.
May I just use facebook pixel in the TRACKING Header section rather than 3 second buffer page?
Answer: Can someone help ?

  1. any free version of cloaking site other than Clickmeter?
    Answer: Can someone help with this one?
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how to track direct funnel the method since don’t allow 3rd party script.



You can promote your products on Facebook through boost posting, Facebook ads… etc


You can post relevant information with product photo and post it with appropriate group and community to get huge attraction on it.