I get 0 impression on Youtube Ads


Hi Sean and my fellow forum members.
I’ve been having this problem since the beginning of this Jan. My ads are approved, max cpv is $0,40 and I entered 25 phrase and exact keywords which are highly targeted, I placed my ad into the most viewed related videos but still, I get 0 impressions. Just to check if it is because the keywords are phrase and exact, a few days later I added the broad keyword -make money online- but still I got no impressions. How can I understand if my account was shut down by Google? If I’m not banned, what might be the other reasons, anyone having the same problem?

By the way, Sean, to remind you again, could you please add 2 promotional videos for Top Level Affiliate and YouTube Traffic Masters to Done For You Online Business 2.0, I would like to use them in my video marketing to create my buyers list.



Hi, are you using custom placements?


yes I do. I place my ads on most viewed youtube vids.