I spent $2,000 on Twitter Ads in a Week, here's what I learned


I can’t believe what I’ve been missing this whole time. Twitter ads are both cheap and high converting, that’s if you know what you’re doing. I made a video a while back about Twitter ads on my YouTube channel and gave a full guide on Twitter ads but here’s a couple of new things I’ve learned after making that video.

Understanding Twitter’s Users
Twitter is an awkward place, something between a social network and media site (like YouTube), with that being said, like Facebook, users aren’t searching for your “offers” constantly, but…

This is where Twitter stands out. You have the option to show your ads ONLY in search, meaning that your ad will show up when someone is searching for something. so here you go, search targeted ads, only 10 times cheaper!

Let me know what you think about this and also share your Twitter experience, I know some of you did twitter ads recently, how did it go?


Here’s my first video about Twitter ads (I didn’t link this one in the topic above):


Hi Sean. What were your profits after spending $2k on Twitter?


I made about $3500, not a lot compare to what I spent but not a bad start since i’m a bit new to their ad platform.


I used to run a lot of volume on FB last year but was doing close to $4k to weight loss offers and found setting up new accounts painful so I decided to stick with my main business newspaper advertising, which I love. I came across your video last week for alternatives to FB. I didn’t have a twitter account before, but just set one up last week and now waiting a few weeks to warm up my account.

my question is Sean, what type of ad did you run? Website card and video or image?

Plus, on search only, does each word or phrase have its own traffic volume (like google) that is visible when building the campaign?


I used card ads (sends traffic directly to website) and yes, they give you an idea of what type of traffic to expect when targeting a keyword or twitter account. working with their platform is pretty easy, just need to run some ads and optimize.


hello sean

can i promot jvzoo links Same way in video or must create pre sale page .
I wait for your answer to start
thank you


I recommend creating a presell page for everything you promote, unless the product you promote already has a presell page.


Hey Sean, thanks for the info man I’m loving your stuff. Is there a way to track conversions on Twitter? Thanks man


yes they have a conversion tracking script that you add to your pages and then define what page is a conversion, all in the settings.


Thanks for your fast reply…but what if it’s an affiliate offer and we don’t have access to add it to the pages. I know with something like bing you would use click meter


in that case i would use an opt-in page to track conversion rates, in addition you could provide a bonus to get people to come back to you so you build a buyer list too.


Thanks man. I love your setup you have here


Hey Sean, I set an ad up and used a video screenshot as my image like you did in your ad. I checked the engagement on the tweet and it seems like people are clicking on the image and not the link in the tweet, do you notice that as well? Like I have 10 clicks on the image and 0 on my link, and of course when they click the image they don’t get sent to the offer


don’t use images, I usually go with pure tweets, nothing else. Less distractions for people who see your ads, unless you can link that image to your page.


Becuase I set up a new account it was taking forever to be approved to run ads. I asked to use a friends account who no longer uses. I was set up on Friday, I ran 3 ads.

Link clicks
Link click rate
Cost per link click

This runs to a landing page and then links to a sales page from CB. I have so far made 1 sale $30.

I woke up this morning (my time in Asia) with a nice sale. So far my landing page is converting at 17%. I will see how it goes tomorrow, if I make another sale, I will increase my budget from $10 a day to $20.

Sean, thank you for the great tips on Keyword targeting.

This platform might be a goldmine, with all the focus on FB this is awesome.

I just setup another ad in the weight loss niche and the ad was approved (this is NOT a before and after image).

So far my stats are here less than 1 day old:
Link clicks
Link click rate
Cost per link click

I think the cost per click might drop to .30. Which is a expensive, I would need the clicks to be around .10 - $.20 to make sure I will make 66% ROI at the worst case.

I will update everyone.


that’s awesome, let me know how the rest of your Twitter Ads go.


hello sean
i created ads but without landing page now twitter stop my ad After one day they told me : We’ve reviewed and confirmed the ineligibility decision for Twitter Ads based on our Unacceptable Business Practices policy. You can learn more about this policy
they stop me Because this ad affiliate link or what and you try run ads just put your affiliate link


Don’t use your affiliate link directly. You need to have your own landing page if you want to run ads.


Thanks for your reply
i did same like you in the video i put affiliate link directly . i’ll try after two weeks with landing page