Is it still possible to make money from niche blogs?


**share your blog URL or experience here if you have any!

The first time I heard about niche blogging was about 6 years ago, back then there was this popular Clickbank course called Google Sniper that was really popular. Let’s review what has changed since then and what you should be doing if you want to make money blogging:

Domain dominating is gone I mentionedoned this in niche blogging success course too. although it’s still a great idea to target a keyword with your domain, it’s not as effective as it used to be.

Content quality and page time are the keys to success in blogging. This is something that we’ve been experiencing on Aversity blog. The longer the article is, the higher it ranks. We’ve been also experimenting videos on a page to increase the engagement and visit time which has been working great for us.

Do you have any other ideas? share it with us!

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Agree 100% about content quality.

I’ve ranked in Google top 3 for about a dozen “[product name] review” type keywords for high-gravity Clickbank products but haven’t made as much $ as I expected. Still, I’ve learned that people are focusing too much on domain metrics instead of content.

I’m ranking with very few backlinks just longer content/ better site structure/ relevant outbound links. Also most of the reviews on these other sites are totally incoherent so you can outrank them by having a well-written 2000 word review instead of 1000 words of keyword-stuffed nonsense.

I’m working on some more niche-specific sites that will only promote 1 or 2 Clickbank products using the ideas in Sean’s courses. We’ll see how it goes.



Yes I strongly believe in the content structure, articles you write should be designed to help readers to understand and come to a conclusion. It’s not just about keywords. For example, we had this OK article on Aversity blog that I noticed is getting some traffic for a specific keyword, so we spent a week to optimize the article, make it long, helpful and have an actual book like index where people know exactly what they will get and how to find it. The writing and content structure become so good that people actually read the entire article and get value from it. It jumped to the top of every search result in less than 2 weeks. Here’s the article in case if you’d like to see it for yourself.

To this day, this article alone get’s us about 300 visitors a day from search results and we didn’t even do any type of crazy backlinks or social campaigns for it, just a good article that provides value from a normal and fairly brand new domain!

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Wow, I just learned more in this post than all the blog videos I’ve watched on YouTube.

How important do you think the appearance of the blog is?



Not the most important thing, but make sure you make a decent looking blog and give it a personal feeling if you want to convert visitors to sales.



Niche sites as the best way to make money online.
To make easier this process you can use different online services to monetize websites

The most important to choose the right niche, which will bring you good money. For my mind Beauty and Fashion - is the best one.
This one for me is the holy grail of successful blogs because not only can you make money but you also gain access to cool events.

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Definitely it is possible to make money through blogs.
The content should be unique and high quality.
Must at least contains 1900 words.
The page views of your blog should get a regular number of Traffic.
Include Affiliate links to your content.

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