Is organic exposure on Facebook impossible now?


I was wondering if other people thought the same, I have recently noticed somebody I know who has a fanpage on Facebook with around 500k likes on the page, but whatever post they upload on FB anymore gets little to no views or interactions.

Has anyone else noticed a shift in the lack of views for the social posts on Facebook?

I currently update the company Facebook less and less (working as a digital marketer at the moment) because I am starting to think organic reaches are very pointless anymore.

What do you guys think?


Not really, it depends on the engagement rate of the content you publish. If you publish things that aren’t interesting to your fans, Facebook will show your posts less and less.


I see, thank you very much for your insight!


I agree with Sean.

And rethink the content you’re creating for this audience.
If you’re promoting an article, maybe they want a video.
Or perhaps the audio version of the article.
Test out different mediums to see what works and gets peoples attention again.


Facebook has a lot from a Social networking site to a Social Media Marketing platform.
if we use facebook to connect and enjoy with our family and friend socially then it is possible to get organic. but for business point of view it seems zero to get organic reach