Make Your Blog More Attractive

  1. Data-driven visuals
  3. Infographics
  4. Gifographics
  5. GIFs
  6. Memes
  7. Videos
  8. Screenshots
  9. SlideShare presentation
  10. Photos

Of course, the text and method of writing a blog can also be very effective.

Use meme in the posts, and infographics in long detailed articles. It ranks better, people stay longer on your posts and you get more visitors

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The right path, without any errors
Perform all these steps = Attractive

we’ve been testing cloud hosting. It’s a great way to increase website speed without having to pay for VPS.

Infogrpahic helps a lot in getting more users and make a blog attractive as it explains everything in short.

Hi, your collection is very well , and I also want to say image optimization is also making a blog more attractive, and videos too.

Changes which will make your blog Attractive and appealing :

  1. Email opt-in forms placement. The best way to grow your blog quickly is by building email list for your blog .
  2. Blog design matters.
  3. Readable content is King.
  4. Make your blog a learning spot.
  5. Don’t overdo with the Ads.


You can make your blog more attractive by adding well illustrated text to complement the informative video or pictures or graphs or pie charts.
But make sure you add less res images where required. That makes your website load faster.
These are the basic steps required to make your blog more attractive.


yep i heart cloud. also Newspaper theme is super lightweight

Totally Agree.
Want to include more: proper navigation, color theme and simplicity also makes a blog attractive and easy to use.