Maxbounty cpa offer tracking


I am using Max bounty CPA offer ,

  1. how to set up below Sib ID and what is the purpose?
    Sub ID 1-- sub ID 5
  2. if I would like to promote non english speaking country CPA offer, the landing page is in English , how to handle that



Sub ID is basically a tag on your affiliate link that will allow you to track the source of the sale.

For example, you can add “blog” as your sub ID and publish that specific link on your blog, so when a sale is made, you know that sale is coming from your blog.

About your second question, I don’t recommend doing that but you could hire someone on Fiverr to translate the page.


thanks so much for your prompt reply. pls see my TWO questions in the screenshot in BLUE font



for Fivver translator the CPA LP and Prelander, I will do that.
the detailed step will be

  1. get the offer approval if any
  2. translate adcopy and LP /prelander
    question: what tool should I use to translate LP word for word?
  3. after translation, please see my screen shot question

many thanks


Hello Huan, I will try to briefly explain how to set up a clickmagick tracking for Maxbounty offers. I think this tracking method applies to any other tracking tool than clickmagick. I suppose you’ll promote your cpa offers on facebook.

When creating your ad on facebook ads manager for each different ad you’ll add these parameters to facebook tracking part: fbtag1=facebook&fbtag2=ad1 for a second ad you’ll add fbtag1=facebook&fbtag2=ad2 you got the idea.

Let’s say your real opt in page URL is

First you have to have a domain name assigned to the clickmagick. There is a tutorial for this on clickmagick. Let’s say your assigned url is

Now, go to clickmagick and click create a new tracking link. Put this url in the tracking link field on Clickmagick: This url will be see on your facebook ad,
Also, to the clickmagick primary url field enter this:[s1]&s2=[s2]&s3=[clickid]

when people click this link on your ad, facebook will send your leads to:

This is will be your opt in page url for the leads who comes from your facebook ads. Now, let’s compare clickmagick primary url and your ultimate opt in page url: [s1] becomes facebook, [s2] becomes ad1 and s3 becomes clickid which is a unique number for each click on your facebook ad.

This was part 1 of the tracking, let’s talk about the button link on your opt in page. Go to clickmagick dashboard and create a new tracking link: landingpage1 can be anything, no one will see this.
To the primary url area on clickmagick, enter your affiliate link:[s1]-[s2]&s2=[s3]&s4=landingpage1 (you’ll add this at the end of your affiliate link &s1=[s1]-[s2]&s2=[s3]&s4=landingpage1)

Next step is the getting the javascript code from clickmagick and add it into the footer of your opt in page.
After doing that, on clickmagick, go to tools, postback url, choose maxbounty, copy the link, go to maxbounty and paste this link on Maxbounty postback url field that’s it. This is how you track your Maxbounty campaigns on clickmagick. Hope this helps.


hi Gurerg:
thanks a ton. I will learn.

will let u know. :surfing_woman:t6::surfing_woman:t6: