Multiple Gmail Accounts For Multiple Youtube channels


Hi Everyone,

In creating a new youtube channel for my first affiliate website/ first product (and future affiliate websites) should I create a brand new gmail account so I have a brand new corresponding youtube channel for my affiliate marketing biz or do I just create new channels under my my existing gmail/youtube account?




a single Google account gives you one personal youtube channel, and unlimited amounts of branded youtube channels.

I haven’t found a reason to open up more gmail accounts, since this would quickly get messy with having to log in & out of multiple gmails.

One gmail, and as many branded youtube accounts is working for me so far.

I bookmark this, and use it to switch between my branded yt channels:


I agree, put it all under a single account. Makes your life much easier


heeey! it’s Sean! I’m watching your affiliate training bootcamp just now, and getting ready to create some promotional content. talk soon!


Thank you for the feedback!