My campaign get 5 sales but no one buys high ticket product

I did 5 sales by promoting online business clickstarter product and spending 60$ to Youtube ad during 26 days.But there is no one buys high ticket product,my profit is only 4 $ for sale. Is everything alright? What should I do next?
sales comes from UK.

What can I do for the next step Sean?

I’m sure it has something to do with your traffic. Also, try selling other products directly, such as Gold Masterclass or Inner Circle Masterclass and see how it goes. They have a much higher conversion rate so you should get better results.

I’m sure it’s your traffic, but I would try a more efficient way to get these sales, maybe optimize your ads better?

My main key words that I got conversion are these:
how to start a business?
how to make money online?
how to make money online?
best ways make money online
how to earn online
earn money online
work from home
how to make money online?
how can I get money online?
start a business online
earn money earn money

Networks: YouTube search results
I do not choose YouTube video as a network, because I have tried several times, when I chose YouTube video as a network, there were lots of views but I could not get conversion. That is why I do not use this network, I only use YouTube search result. When I choose key words like “affiliate marketing”, “how to start affiliate marketing" I do not get view with YouTube search result network, the ad impression is very low.

devices: all devices

location: UK, USA, Canada, Australia

Topics: I do not choose topics

audience: any audiences (I do not choose anything)

demographics: any demographics (I do not choose anything)

Household incomes: torn off lower 50%

There is no any problem in landing page, I use landing page which Sean gave. The conversion is good

how optimize my ads better? You said there is a problem in traffic. What else should I do about traffic?

try targeting ONE country per campaign. targeting multiple countries is always a big money waster

If I were you, I would’ve tried to optimize the ads to make the users to take the steps gradually in an incrementing manner to buy the products.
Or use a decoy product to make the buyers to choose the higher priced product.

curious if you used a trip wire in the beginning to make sure you were targeting only buyers with the paid ads?