My Campaign Results

I can get 1-4 subscriber per day

It was shown 5 conversion here by the reason of not working well of adwords.
I got 127 views, 14 subscribers by 11,01$ with these keywords.
Approximately 1 conversion = 0.78$. Is it normal?

Is it good campaign?
I used only keywords on ad targeted and did not choose household income is 50%
Topics- I do not choose any topics
Country - UK, USA, Canada, Australia

After the sign up I redirect people to the this page:
end of this page I have a link to online busines clickstar course.

what can I do for next step?

You just have to keep testing different keywords and landing pages to see what works. PPC advertising is a marathon and it’s all about the patience.

I promote Online business clickstar. I spent 25$ for ad and get 33 subscriber. I did a 4$ sale. Is this good campaign? landing page Conversion Rate 53.8%