New Credit Card for each Google Ads Test account?

Question 1:

Do you use a new credit card for each new Google Ads Test account or 1 credit card for all Google Ads accounts, Test and permanent accounts?

Question 2:

Do you use a gmail account for your test accounts or a domain name email account for each Google Ads account.

Thank you for your help.

For Q1, use different credit cards for each account. Q2: It doest matter, but we usually have a domain account for our main ad account, since that’s the important one.

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For first question, you need to use different credit cards for different accounts. That way you’d be able to track the usage of money for different sets of Ads.
For the second question choose the domain account. That way you’d be recieve all the notifications at the same place. And you’d be able to manage the Ads from a single place.

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