New in affiliate marketing, don't know where I've to start

Please I’m a new member, I wanted to start the affiliate marketing . but I don’t really know where I have to start.
I don’t own a website, a landing page …
I honestly looking for a way that wont need a lot of money, and I know that it won’t make me a lot of money too. lol
I used Clickbank and I’ve promoted a product in Bing ads, I got 194 Click but no sales .
I don’t know if the problem was in my product or in my Clickbank account.
And sorry if im asking about this . I know that , it’s all in the gold masterclass. but at this moment I don’t have enough money to buy me a course .
Thank You Guys !!

I really want to contact you but I dont know how .
text me in my email :

From where can i buy gold masterclass?

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Over here bro :

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It is available for 297$ how can i get it for 50$?

Please check your mail box.

Which master class is better for me as a beginner?

I’ve Texted you . please check you mail box

Hi Sean Bagheri, I have one brand new amazon and clickbank affiliate website. Just run SEO but its take time to get sells. As a newbie in online market how can you help me to get sells? which course you will suggest me? spent lots of money in social marketing but result BIG ZERO. My husband have lots of debt I want to help him to debt free.please advice.

There’s a lot of promoting tools, influencer marketing for example, it’s relatively new. You can read more about it here, but according to studies, 88% of consumers follow influencers’ recommendations cause there are constant communication and trust between influencers and their audience. Try it out.

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