No keyword optimizing in presale page


Hi Sean

When you are talking about writing pre sell page in module 3, you did not mention anything about writing the pre sale page based on certain keyword indexing .Neither your template mention any importance of using SEO friendly keywords in either headline, body or summary.

Yet many marketers seems to keep mentioning the importance of organic search engine rank by always incorporating our main keyword target in many parts of our articles to make it more search engine friendly.

May i know what is the reason you do not emphasize this point in module 3 since presell page is very crucial



Hi @siauwjieming ! I believe it’s because of the SOURCE of the traffic.

SEO search traffic means people are looking for information, like from a blog article. Google will use the keywords in their search to match them with the KW in your blog. The visitor is not searching for a sales page — this would make a very bad internet experience if Google sent visitors straight to sales pages (spammy).

So, you must be wondering how do visitors find your sales page if no keywords are used in sales pages?

Well, you normally funnel a visitor into a sales page (not a blog) for example, from an email link, social media link or from another page in your blog.

I hope this was useful and that I explained it ok :smiley: Happy millions!