Offer a FREE PDF REPORT is still a good strategy?


Hi, and thank you…
As I write in the title, offer a FREE PDF REPORT in order to gather many cheaper leads is still a good strategy? There are someone that use this strategy? And if it’s yes, where can I find many reports already written and ready to use?
I ask this because in Italy this strategy works very well, but in US I know that the market is more complciated and it’s necessary to use more advanced strategy.



Yes they do work, but you should keep the PDF report short and provide a lot of value. People don’t read long eBooks anymore. Check this video out:


Great tips! Do you know any tools to use in creating pdf aside from Canva?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Not really, I’m not sure what you’re trying to make, but you can also Microsoft Word.


Let me try that.


Unusally with PLR (public label rights) products.

An internet search will show where to get and how to use