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What is the best lead generation technique for 2018?

Lead Generation Technique for 2018 :smiley:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising
  3. Lead Generating Website
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2 and 3 are the most effective ones.

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Thank you for sharing your views
If you want lead in 1 Month then 2 & 3 technique are good but if you want your keyword rank top result in google then 1 technique is important

Which is more effective PPC or Facebook Marketing?

Hi according to me Pay Per Click Advertising was one of the best digital marketing strategy. I had worked on the same multiple times for multiple clients. If you’re willing to get leads from Search Engine Optimization i know one of the best digital marketing consultant which provides digital marketing services. Also i just want to say stay connected with google algorithm updates to get to know about lates techniques.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information :smiley:

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One of the latest update(11 jan 2019) for seo is website ranking get suddenly drop down but this update is note confirmed from google but most of the website owner can see this ranking issue on their website.

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According my Experience above mentioned all techniques helps to improve the lead generation.

I think that with Facebook ads for and Google Ads is the best way to get more lead and sale in your product or business, you can target customers according to your business interests so that Target customers can see your ads and increase more sale and lead on your business

Here are some tips to tell about Facebook Advertising
1- Your client get more spend time on facebook
2- Create facebook ads from cheapest rate
3-Target unique customer and location
4-use facebook targeting to narrow your audience
5- Create different facebook ads for different people

  1. Pay per click
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Search Engine optimization
  4. Social Media Optimization and Social media marketing…etc

Various types of tools and techniques are used.and digital marketing modules are to be used in it to generate the leads.

2nd option is for fast process for online lead generation where is 1st option is the slow process.

Pay Per Click Advertising is a fastest way to get lead generation

In my view SEO (Search engine optimization) is the best way out for lead generation if u are focusing on long term aims as with SEO u can not only focus on many keywords but also attract targeted audience.
When it comes to growth hacking many company offers services which includes tools such as google analytics, mixpanel,intercom etc

Hi, According to me, paid is a better way for good lead generation. because from organic u get lead but, There is no guarantee that you will get quality links only. [BLOCKED LINK REMOVED]

While online marketing will continue to evolve, here are ten proven lead generation techniques that are working for professional services firms today.

    1. Search Engine Optimization.
    1. Pay Per Click Advertising.
    1. Lead Generating Website.
    1. Online Networking.
    1. Webinars.
    1. Industry Research Reports.


Pay-Per-Click advertising is the best Lead generation techniuque in todays’ time

The following strategies surely help in generating good leads:-

• Using social media for advertisement
• Email marketing like sending Newsletters, promotional offers, and deals

Facebook has a massive audience, the best targeting I’ve ever seen and costs nothing to advertise on. Yes you’ll have to pay for ads on Facebook but you should be at least doubling your money ($100 per day spend, $200 per day in revenue) right from the start.