Our First Pay Per Lead Offer is Here!


Hi everyone, we just published the first ever Pay Per Lead offer inside our Partners Program. This offer will allow our partners to make $5 commissions by sending leads to the landing page. That’s $5 per lead, not a sale!

Check it out for yourself inside the partners’ dashboard. Here’s a quick video about this new offer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5SeuG2PHWo

You can make up to $500 promoting this offer. It starts with a $5 commissions per lead, then if there’s a sale after that, you get a $497 commission as well!

The blog post about this offer: https://aversity.com/blog/pay-per-lead/


That’s awesome ! Definitely going to try !


My first Lead is “Declined” can you please tell me why?


Usually that’s because they’re not from accepted countries. At the moment, for the leads to count, they should be from US, UK, Canada or Australia.

Also sometimes, your declined leads will be marked approved after a couple of days, when we verify them.

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mr @seanbagheri is this opportunity still available?

thanks and regard super hero


It should be. I’m making commissions with it


Ryan I saw in a previous post of yours that you were making $4k/month with the done for you program, how are you doing with your pay per lead campaign?



It’s going good. It’s not my main thing but I make some money with that campaign. Best is to use it with video traffic.

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