Please, review my website


Hi everyone, @seanbagheri @dannydarwin

I recently finished with my website, and I know that I need to improve my work, so please give me an honest review of my website.

Prons & cons, what’s needed to improve and so on.

I really appreciate your opinion.

Here’s the link:

Thank you!

Rimvydas :slight_smile:


looking great !
you need to change the background color of the form fields
it’s too bright on a white background

youtube and facebook links doesn’t work



Hello Shay,

Thanks for your time and feedback.

I will make changes now.

I don’t have Youtube and Facebook yet, but in the near future, definitely will create it.

Thanks once again Shay :slight_smile:


your website looks fantastic! The only change I would made is to include another video below the main header video that shows the “inside” of the flat belly fix digital product. Showing the course content ie Table of Contents, the included Bonuses, recipes, etc. will be helpful to those who want to see what they are getting before purchase.
hope this helps!


Well you need to work alot on the UX and UI of your website. to make your target audience engage with website should have great content and designing. if you are looking for and web development company to help can contact us.