Presale pages research using Facebook Insights


Heyo everyone,

I’m new to the forum here and am working my way through the Gold Masterclass video training.

I cancelled my Facebook personal account years ago, and haven’t gotten around to setting up a business page yet (I know, I know…)

Sean has a great tip on using Facebook insights for market research, to get demographic data on one’s target customer…

…In reading the Facebook help page however it looks to me like the insight data is only specific to that particular business page (with the “insights” link at the top.)

Is it possible to research a broad category (IE. Dog Training) still, or has FB changed their structure (again)…

…Given that I would need a new personal/business acct in either case.




That seems like a new thing but it’s not a bad idea to have a FB page about the subject you’re trying to advertise or get information on.


Sorry for the late reply, Ryan.

Yep, makes sense. I’ve got a lot of options to play with/learn about before I get to Facebook. Likely it will be a while.