Promoting Headphones & Tech Stuff (Amazon Affiliate)


I want to create a youtube channel and website around headphones and other sound systems (TV ones). Do you think doing this with Amazon affiliate links is a good idea or will the commissions be too small?


I think commissions will be small unless money isn’t important in the beginning and you want to focus on building a brand and YouTube channel. Big channels make good money from promoting Amazon products because the number of people who will buy the product will be a lot but in the beginnings, I think you should focus on branding more than money (for tech stuff at least)


Money is important so I’ll save that I suppose.

I have a small youtube channel that I started this year, what’s the best way to monetize your personal brand?

This is it -

Do you recommend starting a new channel for each niche you enter?


No you don’t need to start a new channel for each niche. Just build your personal brand. You can start with affiliate marketing and promote products in every video you make to earn commissions.


Thanks Sean! I was going to do a video on ClickFunnels since that gives reoccurring commissions. BTW I can take down my channel link if you want (not trying to promote myself on your platform).


I actually made $250 affiliate commissions from one of my videos for including a link to a social media marketing course that I took (I made 2 sales), but I ended up taking it down because the course creator took 3 months to pay me and I had to repeatedly ask him.

Maybe Clickbank is better…


The link is fine. Also, you should consider promoting Aversity to earn big commissions :thinking: We have a coaching team that will sell for you and helps you make big commissions. Email me if you’re interested!


Yes! what’s your email?


I’m also interested thanks


In my opinion I guess creating YouTube channel and focus on growing it will be more profitable in long run.


Hello, does Amazon Affiliate will have making money if you running this business?