Question about boosting sales for own product


Hello all

Feels good to be a part of this group and look forward to some great insights and smart partnership, sharing what I know as well.

I have a health & beauty product ( men & women) that I currently sell through various means – eComm website, eBay & Amazon. Sales, I know can be better and I am just wondering what else I can do to increase sales on all three platforms or any specific channel.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t seem to have specific audiences under the ‘health & beauty’ category so not sure where to begin.

Any ideas or pointers will be greatly appreciated.


With health and beauty, the most profitable way is the expensive way but it pays off it it’s done right. You will need to focus on branding more than sales in the beginning. Try creating great YouTube videos and doing ads for people to see it on YT and even Facebook.

Also, influencer marketing is another great way to get some serious exposure in that niche.


Thanks Sean

Does your platinum course teach these branding concepts ? I am particularly interested in influencer marketing.


Yes I have a bit of that covered in Platinum program but Influencer marketing isn’t really that complicated. All you have to do is to contact influencers and figure out a deal with them to get them promote your product.