Questions about CB masters academy


Hey, I am newbie here.

I have a question with regards to CB Masters academy course.

I am interested in promoting Clickbank products, however, I’m not sure what is the best way to start as I’m relatively new to IM. But I would appreciate some clarifications from Sean or somebody experienced.

First of, I’ve seen in Sean’s videos that he mostly endorses paid traffic ( which obviously requires cash ) and I’m wondering what sort of strategies are outlined in this particular course? Free or paid mostly?

Secondly, I’ve been a member of probably countless different courses and what vast majority of them have in common is that they are lure newbies into their courses and then leave you hanging, while pushing you to buy more and more, leaving you penniless and broke. Which at the end of the day left me very skeptical about all these “making money” programs.

My question is, what is the reasonable budget needed to get some good success ( say $3k month profit ) ? Because I usually get random small numbers going from $100 to $500 and they are never close to what you actually need, which is why my constant downfall is that I’m running out of money before I see any good results.

And I’m no lazy person, nor do I want quick results and I’m certainly not afraid of hard work. But I would like someone to genuinely tell me how much of an investment is necessary to see finally see some substantial results, so I could probably save up and take on it with full force. And not the minimum amount, but the amount that would not run me into cash flow problems, with all the necessary tools and landing pages etc.

Another thing is I’ve seen a lot of people ( most of what I saw ) have success promoting Aversity products, which I particularly don’t want to do. Does that affect the success rate of the program?

I would appreciate some honest thorough answer. Thanks


Hey, since you’re already into paid traffic, I think the Inner Circle program is a better option to go. I’m a Platinum member but that requires more investment so you could start with Inner Circle.

the cool thing here is that we get a coach so no one’s gonna leave you hanging so that’s going to help you solve 99% of your problems.

Regarding the budget, I think at least $500 a month is a must in order get some serious results.

and your final question, you don’t have to promote Aversity. Some people do promote it because it pays high ticket commissions but you can promote anything you want with what you learn.


Hi Ryan, I’m currently doing the Inner Circle course and learning a lot. And I agree that the coaching is amazing. Every questioned I’ve asked is answered quickly. But what is the Platinum member program? Thanks


Platinum members have access to all lower level programs plus Platinum programs such as Done For You Program and the upcoming Platinum Masterclass.

I’m really excited because I’ve heard good things about it from my coach.They say it’s gonna be about $5,000 but I’m already a member and paid less than half of that so i’m good to go.