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I am a compete newbie and I want to get started in this huge and amazing world of Affiliate Marketing.
I want to purchase the Inner Circle Masterclass Course but I have some Doubt??
Would they will help to get signed up at different affiliate networks like Maxbounty or Peerfly or Clickbank etc. as I had seen a lot of Videos about that Peoples Being getting Rejected there.

Second :-
Does the Course is good for both sales and CPA because at starting I would Love to try both CPA and Sales.I am new to this Industry So, Could I get full real Detailed methods and tools to get success in this field.

Hope for reply…


I don’t recommend Maxbounty. Most of other networks are usually are easy to join. Also, you will have Aversity affiliate network as well which is a great source for earning big commissions.

Regarding your second question, this program wasn’t made for CPA. It’s for affiliate marketing.


Thanks for your Reply…
Could Please Recommend me any CPA course which you think is better for a Newbie


I’m not familiar with any CPA experts. You can apply the same strategies for affiliate marketing for CPA marketing. It’s not that different. A program like Gold Masterclass will help you do that.


hey man if your new to affiliate marketing I can help you get started for FREE. If you would like my help I would be glad to be of service