SEO Website commenting


hello i have finished niche blogging module 4 and Mr Sean says to comment your own articles to boost rankings using incognito mode.

i noticed that the ip address is the same as the admin, do you think this will be a future problem when i make a lot of blog commenting to my own website when using incognito mode?


No it should be fine.


Hello thank you for the reply I shall try to put comments on all my articles


Incognito mode for commenting?
Why would you do that?

Also, you SHOULD be commenting on all of the comments you receive on your blog posts, even if it’s a simple, “thank you”.

That’s a blogger’s catnip.

I spent XX hrs writing this article into the oversaturated world and someone took the time to leave a comment on it?!?!

Be grateful.

And the people who leave the comment will REALLY APPRECIATE that reply back.
That helps to build trust in your tribe.
So take this seriously.


The comments on your blog have a noteworthy impact on the ranking of your blog posts. It is well worth your effort to inspire users to comment.