September, The Month of Updates!

Hi everyone. There will be over a dozen big changes to Aversity this month. In this post, I’m going to share the most important ones with you.

The Gold Masterclass 2.0 is being uploaded and will be the first update of this month. We delayed the release of it to divert our energy to other programs that we were developing on the side related to Gold Masterclass, but everything is finally done and it should come out in a week or so.

Existing Gold Members will be able to access the course for free.

Done For You Online Business Program 3.0 is the next in line. This is our biggest change yet and we’re excited to release it. Existing members will be able to access the program for free. When the thew DFYOB is released, the price will increase from $2,497 to $2,997. If you’re thinking about joining the program, this is a great time to save some money.

DFYOB Rise Update Quick Release: This is a series of live webinars for Platinum members where I provide a done for you template and content and promote an affiliate product live in a 4-hour webinar… This quick update is a part of the main 3.0 update but is going to be released earlier to tease the upcoming changes of the Done For You program to existing members. Non-Platinum members will also be able to purchase this mini-course for $97.

CB Masters Academy 2.0 is our oldest training program and is being updated with my latest Clickbank strategy. Existing members will be able to upgrade to the new version by paying a small upgrade fee of $29. After the release of the 2.0, the price of the program will rise to $197.

Pinterest Traffic Mastery is the newest course coming to Aversity collection and its part of our traffic mastery series (more details on that later). This course is the most detailed Pinterest traffic course of all time (free and paid) and will be available at a discount to all existing members. The course will cost $197 for non-members.

Publisher Program: One of my biggest goals since the start of Aversity has been creating in-house tools to help our members earn directly from Aversity, using the tools inside Aversity. The publisher program is the first tool that will allow our members to do that.

Publisher tool will allow members to write high-quality articles directly from their account (training provided) and publish them on Aversity blog with their own affiliate links to earn commissions. Aversity blog receives over 10,000 unique daily visitors every day and with this tool, our members have the chance to use it to earn commissions for free!

Publisher program will be available on September 21st.

Aversity Ad Network: Finally, Aversity ad network will allow our members to advertise their affiliate link on Aversity blog and dozens of other websites to drive targeted traffic to their Aversity affiliate links.


This is very exciting! Can’t wait. Thanks to Sean and the Aversity team for all their hard work!

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Due to this Google changes, website ranking can decrease.

Awesome! I’m waiting for publisher program! I have a ton of good article ideas for Aversity blog. It’s exciting that we can make money with Aversity blog!!!