Setting up Conversion Tracking with Bing Ads


Is there a tutorial available which show how to set up Keyword conversion tracking with Bing ads and Leadpages. Specifically for the done for you 2.0 online business funnel.

The tracking tutorial in the Bing Ads training shows setting it up for a Clickbank product.


After you set up your Bing conversion tracking, you will be able to see which keyword generated the conversion in Bing dashboard. Did you set it correctly?


Thanks for you response.

I am working on setting it up now based on the tutorials that are available. How did you learn how to set up bing tracking?


I learned it from Sean. You are a gold masterclass member. There must be a Bing Conversion Tracking Video in Gold Masterclass. Sean explains it in every detail.

Also, to count the clicks to your affiliate link, first set your button link as a blank page and set this blank page load as the conversion. Then, put a ht track code to the body part of this blank page of yours and send your traffic to your affiliate link automatically after 1-2 seconds. -Actually I prefer 0 seconds- This way you’ll be able to see which ad, which keyword generates click to your affiliate link.
Hope this helps.


Thanks so much, I will look back over everything.