Support ? Tracking?

How fast support answers ? It seems very long…
To whom i should ask question regarding reports ?
Because support does not seem to be responsive…

I have many questions regarding tracking, but
not sure who can answer them Now.

As i always tell:
You can have the best product here, but without GREATEST support it will be almost impossible to survive.

Hi, sorry about that. We moved our affiliate system from an old platform to a new one and each individual affiliate had to content support for the account transfer and it flooded the support a bit this month. Post your question here if you haven’t been helped yet, I might be able to help out!

Already got some reply from support, however got even more confused with platform…

Few hours ago reports showed $150+ in earnings now $23.
Before most were ICM LITE sales $4.5,
however now most sales gone and instead of sales system shows opt-ins (!!!) and some opt-ins shows that i got $0.19 some $0.21 and some even $0.24 … Interesting where all sales disappeared and why opt-ins has such different costs.

And additional thing: As i saw that i got sales i increased traffic … And then i got surprise. All sales converted to opt-ins…

Everyone should be aware of those “tricks” or whatever it is…

No information from support or anyone else about all this…

Sorry, it seemed very good at start but now so much confuse, etc…


This is how system works… Adjusting numbers.

I’m not sure why to show at first 4.50 sales and then system after few hours adjusts it to 0.15-0.30

Strange ! Confusing. ETC,…

Sad that i sent few hundred clicks today just to get know that reports changes SO much.

I’m sure there is a good reason because these things are super accurate but let me take a look at your account. I can either message you directly or post it here, let me know which one you prefer.

It’s ok to answer here also, could also help others.

But this kind of changes to see sales at first and after few hours totally different numbers is Very Confusing. I don’t think it’s proper tracking and this shouldn’t be so for sure. **Even support answered this is how system works (?!?). For 12 hours i see sales and then it changes 20 times. Is this Really O.K. And system woks like this !? **

Now i have feeling that maybe someone tough i earned too much too fast…

I have never seen such reporting in last 7 years since i do affiliate marketing.

Hope you understand my concern because this kind of changes would confuse everyone. Maybe for newbies it’s acceptable but if i think to deliver big traffic volume i must rely on tracking that it’s proper and shows proper numbers.

Tank you for understanding.


Here is another thing now:
If first 350 clicks got sales ( or opt-ins), each 7th-8th click, now last 100 clicks has zero conversions (yes, that was the same my own traffic as before… ). And AVERSITY system does not show received clicks, but my stats shows i have delivered ( and i delivered ! )… I’m very confused that system even does not show received clicks and everyone could be too… :slight_smile:

This Is Very Confusing.

I really tough before this could be system i could send big traffic.

Again, i just write what i see, everything is easy to check.

Hope that helps.


I understand your concerns but that free campaign runs based on your traffic conversion rate, to help you earn more commissions and help you monetize your traffic better. People who join the free course usually were intending to leave, meaning that the traffic you spend your money on was about to burn, but we converted it to a different lead and paid you for the lead. To be honest, that’s a win on your side.

Regarding your second issue, I had our team turn off the free course offers on your account since you were complaining about it, that’s why you don’t see them anymore. Just like a normal affiliate, you’ll earn commissions for sales and other lead campaigns (as explained inside for each campaign creative).

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Unfortunately i am logic person…

Everyone can re-read what i wrote to see if they got answers or the answers makes sense.

-Everyone will complain if reports will change.


/here was 10 lines of txt/

Thanks all & aversity support for your efforts.