Tracking and conversions


Im in the gold level membership. My question is after we connect lead pages to Wordpress, can we then promote the Wordpress domain links that we create for the pages we upload and still track our conversions with the facebook pixel? Or, is the only option to promote our lead pages link and use click magic as a link shortener? If our only option is to promote our lead pages link, Im confused on why we need to connect lead pages to Wordpress.


You can use your WordPress pages. That’s the whole point.


Thats what I thought but when I use my facebook pixel helper. it does not pick up anything with my Wordpress domain url link but it does when I use my lead pages url link. Ill just have to keep working on it. Also, How long will you be offer the 95% discount with the platinum gold level membership? i think I would save a lot of time if I were to work with a coach. Its easy to get stuck when trying to make money online.


Maybe check cache? That should fix it. Also that special offer is open until Sunday.