Updates in the program



I buy this program last year but I was in vacations, now I m working
on this full time.

And I don t see any update in techniques … everything is the same?
Nothing new to apply ?



Not yet, some updates are coming at the end of January.


hope your update make your class better, cuz im join for a while and asking swipe email for solo ads, 'till now didn’t get it yet (module 6), sometime i think your free vid on youtube have more information than in the class.



This is something strange, because in 1 year there were huge changes in all the platforms and here everything is the same! How do I know that I am doing everything step by step and not wasting my time?? How do I know that it will work with something so old!


what do you mean by “there were huge changes in all the platforms”? You need to provide more details if you want a detailed answer.