Video Editing Software

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to create my presell video. I’ve already recorded the video with the script I wrote. I’m trying to edit the video to add some screenshots and pictures. Can anyone recommend a simple Windows Video making software that is simple and free for this purpose?


I think the default video editor software should work fine, not sure about its name.

Thanks Sean.

The default windows video editor software has only limited options to trimming video or filtering colors. It doesn’t have options to add images to the video.

However, I found a solution. For anyone that runs into a similar problem, you can use the VSDC video editor. It has a Free version and premium version. But for my purpose, the free version did the job.


hitfilmexpress is a great free solution to edit your videos.

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Thank you Gurerg. HitFilmExpress is actualy a great tool. I just started using it, and so far I’m impressed.

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