What can I do to improve my knowledge of PPC?


I need an suggestion to improve my PPC skills.

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binge watch as many youtube videos as your brain can handle. I would start by writing down all the vocabulary and lingo you pick up from the videos, then doing a Google search for learning what they mean.

It’s a bit of art + science. It involves tracking and monitoring your guess and the outcome of your guess. You might need link tracking software, or you can start very small and track everything on a simple spreadsheet, like Google Sheets.

PPC has a lot to do with being efficient with your money and what you earn from the traffic you paid for - otherwise known as “optimization” (big word). You can also do Google search for the broader topic called “Conversion Optimization”. Again, big word that just means the method for improving how well you spend your money on the particular ad.

It’s really fun for me, but it can get boring. It’s one of those things that is very mechanical but it’s where the money is made.

Here are a few things you should understand. Once you know these forwards and backwards, you are 90% there. The other 10% is actually doing it and succeeding at it:

  1. CPC = cost per click
  2. CPL = cost per lead
  3. Cost of Buyer
  4. Click Through Ratio = CTR
  5. average value of a customer = DVL (dollar value of a lead)
  6. Return On Investment = ROI

There may be a few more, but these are the important ones. And this is only one half of the puzzle.

The other half is knowing all the “joints” in your “plumbing system” where you might be leaking money or knowing when you still have lots of room for improving a touch point. Example: a rookie mistake when a beginner starts doing CPC is to pay for traffic, and after 25 clicks or so begins to assume something is wrong with the traffic because no one is buying.

You have to take a mini-course on statistics to understand “statistical significance”. Send at least 100 clicks or more before jumping to any conclusions. And don’t blame external factors before you blame yourself first, like maybe you chose bad keywords, or your ad headline (H1) is weak and not driving curiosity, or you give away too much info and the lead has no reason to click, or your copywriting on your “lander” (landing page) needs improvement…

…lots of places where the problem can be you . Lots of places where the machine is not “efficient”.

You can do this! It’s one of the best, if not the #1 skill you need to master. Once you nail it, you’re on your way to major success. There is still more to it than this, but I gave you almost enough overview to probably start my own course - ha!

Best of luck! See you in the stratosphere, where the super affiliates pull five-figure days… :sunglasses:


Thanks for the information.


Soo many resources are available in Internet to improve your knowledge of PPC.

  1. Everyday you should watch YouTube Videos related to PPC
  2. Enroll your course on Udemy, it will help you a lot to learn more about Payperclick strategies
  3. Attempt some online exams on PPC
  4. And you can find very clear info at Ads for academy website… follow all these, it will help you to improve your PPC knowledge…
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Thanks for the information.


You can learn from YouTube and you can learn from Google Ads support.

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welcome to the aversity community, ScarletBrown :grinning:


leant from google,youtube and from udemy.

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